Another Successful Diaper Drive for 2017!

Standale School’s 2017 collection of 4,700 diapers!

Since 2012, AppleTree & Gilden Woods Early Care and Preschool has partnered with Great Start Parent Coalition of Kent County for their annual Diaper Drive initiative and has donated over 100,000 diapers.

According to the Parent Coalition, one out of every four children in Kent County is born into poverty.  Food stamp and WIC programs do not cover the cost of diapers which can be up to $75.00 a month.  Since 2009, the Diaper Drive has distributed more than 750,000 diapers to more than 25 pantries that distribute supplies to the community to help families in need.  Parent Coalition member Matt Haviland noted, “Diapers are something that is sometimes overlooked when people think about doing donations.  The need (for diaper donations) has grown even more (in the past several years).”

The Great Start Parent Coalition, in partnership with First Steps and Great Start Collaborative of Kent County, is a group of parents and caregivers dedicated to informing, shaping, and supporting the early childhood work in their community.

This year, AppleTree & Gilden Woods donated 14,366 diapers.  Our Standale School received the honors for 2017 with their total of 4,700 diapers.  The teaching and administration team enjoyed a pizza party and received a trophy from the Great Start Parent Coalition in celebration of their achievement.

Standale School Director Ms. Breanna and teaching staff accepting their trophy


Standale School Assistant Director Ms. Annie

Thank you to all of our parents and staff for making this another successful year for our Diaper Drive. 

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