2017 Best of the Bunch


Congratulations to Ms. Carol Rothley on becoming our “Best of the Bunch” winner for 2017! “Best of the Bunch” highlights our best educator or caregiver who goes above and beyond with providing high quality education, care and customer service to families.

Ms. Carol is the Lead Teacher in the Infant Room at AppleTree Early Care and Preschool-Monroe

Ms. Carol’s nomination letter from Ms. Kami, Assistant Program Director of AppleTree Monroe:

“Ms. Carol is amazing with all of our families, staff and children that attend our school. She is always smiling and saying hello to her children she had when they were babies. She continues to have conversations with parents of children she has taught. She always asks how they are doing, any new things the children are working on and shows she really cares for them. The children she teaches grow and blossom while in her classroom. She is dedicated to informing and updating AppleGrams throughout the day. Her words are encouraging and she praises her children for the activities they have accomplished during the day. She is amazing at adding photos of the infants when they are doing new things. She also gives the families a week notice on any supplies the children need as well.

She arrives on time, she never calls in sick even if her voice is so low you cannot hear her. She has been with the company for 9 years as our Lead Teacher in the Infant classroom. She is always taking time to learn new things and grow in the company. She loves watching her babies grow and change at AppleTree. She has had many families who would rave about how amazing she is at what she does. She trains all of the new infant staff and they thrive in our company. She always lends an ear to listen and be the voice of reason. When we have long days, she is always smiling and stays positive no matter what the day throws at her. She is a leader and an example of the teacher we all hope to be. Her smile and kind nature makes it hard not to smile when you are around her.

She teaches new staff all the policies no matter how often things change. She adapts and accepts whatever comes her way. She teaches our infant Baby Signs even if they do not start using them but she is laying the foundation for them to have the knowledge. She is always singing to the babies and has fun doing crafts and activities with them.

I currently have my baby enrolled in the infant room, she is his teacher. I knew it was going to be hard coming back to work and leaving him. However she made it super easy for me to trust my son with her. She is loving, trustworthy and full of understanding. We love her here and are better teachers and caregivers because of her. She is amazing.”

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