Covid 19 Response

The mission of AppleTree & Gilden Woods Early Care and Preschool has always been to create a safe environment that earns the trust of the children and families we serve. We are as dedicated to that mission now as we have ever been. AppleTree & Gilden Woods will continue to lead the industry in best practices during this time, a responsibility we do not take lightly.

As we move forward in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we would like to take a moment and communicate the aggressive measures taken to assure you of our steadfast commitment to the health and safety of our AppleTree & Gilden Woods families.

Health & Hygiene

·         Required team members to assure all children’s hands are washed upon arrival at the school.

·         Performed temperature screenings of every child, parent/guardian, vendor and team member who enters the building. Children’s temperature will be taken again at lunch each day. Those with a temperature of 100.4 degrees or above will not be allowed access to the school.

·         Confirmed vender procedures for sanitizing and preventing the spread of illness prior to allowing them entry into the schools.

·         Implemented a health screening for all parents, children and team members, those who display any of the following symptoms will not be allowed in the school:

o   New onset cough or worsening cough

o   Sore throat

o   Shortness of breath

o   Fever now or in the last 48 hours

·         Advised team members that face coverings will be provided and they are strongly encouraged to wear one during their shift (unless otherwise required by the local health department).


Cleaning & Disinfecting

·         Utilized disinfectant foggers are used twice a week in the school.

·         Sanitized the school entry door handles with increased frequency between the hours of 6am-10am and 3pm-6pm.


Preparedness & Planning

·         Increased janitorial supply purchases (i.e. soap, gloves, sanitizing solutions, etc.) and instructed the schools to store them in a locked space to monitor proper usage to ensure an adequate amount of materials will be available for future use.

·         Canceled all upcoming parent involvement events to reduce the number of non-essential persons entering the school.

·         Prohibited all non-vender visitors (i.e. guest readers, enrichment program providers, etc.).

·         Canceled all non-essential gatherings (i.e. trainings, orientation, CDA, staff meetings, etc.) to reduce the number of non-essential persons entering the schools and Central Services.

Operating Policies

·    Created and implemented a Covid-19 Policy to include the following content:

o   Reinforced hygiene practices.

o   Intensified cleaning and disinfecting efforts.

o   Assessed the health of children, parents/guardians, vendors, and team members who enter the school.

·         Created and implemented a COVID-19 Travel Policy to include the following content:

o   Required all families, vendors, and team members to complete a travel questionnaire.

o   Upon completion, admin team members will assess the results and determine if/when they may enter the school.

·         Suspended classrooms from implementing family-style meals, instructing one team member to serve all food to children.

·         Implemented strategies for social distancing in the classroom including the following:

o   Limit to two children in each learning center whenever possible. 

o   Do not have children wait in line for handwashing. Only have one child at a time at the sink.

o   Implement handwashing songs that are at least 20 seconds long to support children’s learning of amount of time for washing hands.

o   Utilize both mealtime tables to eliminate close physical contact for eating meals.

o   Only allow 2-3 children on an outdoor play structure at a time

o   Eliminate any curriculum component (i.e. circle time, large group, small groups) that involves children hugging, shaking hands or otherwise touching.

o   Only allow 2-3 children at a time for small group instruction. When the number of children in care changes, please adjust the total amount of children in each small group.

o   Encourage children to eliminate physical contact as much as possible.

o   Create standing spaces to eliminate bunching together when lining up to go from one location to another (i.e. outside).

o   Ensure that children’s rest mats are place at a minimum of 6 feet apart.

·         Created and implemented a Child Drop Off and Pick Up Policy to include the following:

o   Parents/Guardians will drop off and pick up their child(ren) through classroom exterior/emergency exit doors to minimize the amount of people going in/out of the school.


·         Created and shared several  Frequently Asked Questions emails with all families.

·         Notified team members on face covering expectations and provided them with the following information:

o   The correct way to wear and remove a mask.

o   How to introduce children to the concept of teachers wearing mask.

o   How to respond to children’s questions about masks.

We hope these actions give you peace of mind so you may remain confident in knowing that AppleTree & Gilden Woods is the best child care option for your child and family. Please know that our admin team members and Central Services office remains available should you have any questions or concerns. We welcome your feedback regarding our COVID-19 response.

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