Thanksgiving Books

The Story of Thanksgiving

By: Nancy Skarmeas

Here is the story of Thanksgiving told in only about 200 words that are simple enough for a toddler to understand. From the Pilgrims’ voyage to the first feast with the Native Americans, the Thanksgiving story is presented in its most traditional form.


The Littlest Pilgrim

By: Brandi Dougherty

A Thanksgiving story celebrating the gift of friendship!

Mini is the littlest Pilgrim in her village.
Too little to sew.
Too little to bake.
Too little to fish.

But she’s not too little to make a friend.


Turkey Time!

By: Price Sloan

Through rhyming text, this adorable book walks through Thanksgiving Day in the lead-up to the big meal


The Most Thankful Thing

By: Lisa McCourt

When a little girl asks her mom what her “most thankful thing ever” is, Mom turns the question into a fun trip down memory lane.

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