Dr. Seuss Books

March is National Reading Month and the 2nd is Dr. Seuss’s birthday—what better way to celebrate than to read? So this month, why not read Dr. Seuss books, use your imagination, and be silly! Below are some not as well known Dr. Seuss books to enjoy. 


I Can Read With My Eyes Shut

Dr. Seuss and the Cat show that reading is fun—even when you don’t look at the words! I Can Read with My Eyes Shut is a hysterical way to discover the joy of books.


In A People House

When a mouse invites a passing bird to see what’s inside a People House, chaos ensues while beginning readers learn the names of 65 common household items. A super simple, delightfully silly introduction to objects around the home.


Wacky Wednesday

Read and count along in this classic Beginner Book full of errors. This is no ordinary day! There’s a shoe on the ceiling and bananas in the apple tree, and it only gets wackier.



Great Day For Up

The meanings of “up” are conveyed with merry verse and illustrations in a happy book that celebrates the joy of life.


Would You Rather Be a Bullfrog?

Would you rather be a clarinet . . . a trombone . . . or a drum? Beginning readers are asked to ponder these–and a host of other odd choices–in this charming, provocative book.


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