Why is Preschool Important?

According to First Steps Kent, “One of the most important predictors of a child’s success in school and life is whether he or she receives a high-quality preschool education.”

This statement is supported by a research study of children birth through age 5 as they entered their mid-thirties.  Children who received high-quality early childhood education/preschool were more successful than their peers who did not.  Additional research and studies confirmed this, as well as the experiences of the child, their family, and their teachers.

High quality preschool develops cognitive “thinking” skills – Children in high-quality programs have higher IQs and test scores in elementary and secondary school

High quality preschool develops language and literacy skills – Children in high-quality programs have larger vocabularies and pre-literacy skills which prepares them to read and write

High quality preschool develops social and emotional skills – During preschool, children’s attitudes and habits are shaped including how they work cooperatively with peers, make decisions, and understand emotions and relationships.


K-Prep encompasses our entire preschool program with special age-appropriate instruction for 3 year olds, 4 year olds, and Young 5’s.  At AppleTree and Gilden Woods, we understand that preschoolers need the freedom to explore, inquire, and engage.  That’s why our approach is so effective.  We provide a developmentally-appropriate environment for hands-on learning that is stimulating and fun, so your child can grow, play, and learn at their own pace.  They’ll love engaging in art, music, early math and science activities, and circle time – and you’ll love the confidence and mastery they develop.


For more information on why preschool is so important, visit FirstStepsKent.org

For more information on our K-Prep Preschool program, please see your Program Director.

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