Road Trip Boredom Busters

Summer is a time to travel and road trips are some of the best ways to see this beautiful country we live in! Some of my favorite childhood memories, and even adult memories, are centered around road trips across the country or even day trips across the state. There are so many interesting places to visit in and out of Michigan. The reality of it now, with children, is that they tend to get bored and crabby after a few hours. Here is a list of some road trip activities you can throw in a bag or have on hand to help keep your children occupied on that beautiful drive!

  1. Car Bingo: You can make up a few different bingo boards with a variety of things that you see on a road trip, or even play regular bingo!
  2. The License Plate Game: See how many different State plates you can spot on your adventure.
  3. Eye Spy: This is always a classic and a great way to pass the time.
  4. Road Sign Scavenger Hunt: Find a printable or make your own. Make a list of common road signs and challenge your children to find them all. For more of a challenge, set a time limit.
  5. Coloring and Activity Books: Keep it simple with their favorite coloring and activity books. Try a word search or sudoku depending on age.
  6. Felt Pieces: Cut out several felt shapes and provide a felt board (felt glued to a piece of cardboard) for your children. It is easy to hold on their lap and a mess free activity for back seat traveling
  7. Water Wows: These can be found at most stores and are a mess free way to keep the children active and creating!
  8. Magnets: Take an old cookie sheet and bring along some magnets.
  9. Lego Boxes: Make a traveling Lego box by getting a small pencil box or Tupperware container and glue a large flat Lego piece to the top. Fill the box with other Legos and ta-dah! A traveling Lego city with room to store all those little pieces. Be sure to pack Duplo’s for the littles as Legos present a choking hazard for younger children.
  10. Magic Ink Mess Free Kits or Crayola Color Wonder: These products are basically made for road trips! The markers only appear on the special paper. These kits come in different themes for all different interests and are sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Safe travels and a happy summer!

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