Making Friends

Your child’s ability to make friends and work cooperatively will help make their school experience a positive one

Does your child come home bursting with excitement about their friend at school or are they a bit more quiet?  Does your child know how to play friend with other peers during play dates or while at AppleTree/Gilden Woods?  Now, more than ever, your child needs the ability to play and learn with other peers in order to be happy and successful at school.

At AppleTree/Gilden Woods, our teachers model positive behaviors that your child will need in a school setting, such as asking to share something, saying something nice to a friend, and other ways to appropriately interact with friends.  These social emotional skills can help your kindergartener be confident, gain friends, solve social problems, and appropriately show emotions.

We encourage friendly interactions between children at circle time and while they are at learning centers.  This ensures that they are exhibiting skills such as sharing, taking turns, asking each other for help and working cooperatively on tasks that require more than one person.

We strive to provide ample age-appropriate materials for multiple children to play, including toys that can lead children to working together and interacting (such as the Home Living center which includes play food and dress-up clothes), while also providing opportunities for individual exploration and creativity.

By providing opportunity for the children to work together using appropriate social skills, we hope to provide your child with the tools necessary to be successful when going off to school.

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