How to Deal with a Public Meltdown

My husband and I took our son grocery shopping on Sunday. I wish we had a better day to go, but Sunday seems to be everyone’s best day to buy their groceries for the week. The aisles were crowded, and you could hardly turn the cart around. We were somewhere between cereal and coffee when our son honed in on a glass jar of pickles we’d already placed in the cart. He couldn’t be convinced that this might not be the best item to hold, and he was going to get those pickles! The second my husband and I were distracted and grabbing the Rice Krispies, he decided to undo his buckle and get up out of the cart for a better reach, and man, is he quick! Inevitably us grabbing him and settling him back in the seat led to ear shattering screams. Those screams sure do carry. I was once approached by a well-meaning restaurant employee, “Ma’am you have a very boisterous child.” Yes sir, I sure do! With boisterous child in full on meltdown mode, my husband and I were a little lost, a little embarrassed, and felt ourselves starting to get angry. Which leads me to this blog. Meltdowns are inevitable. They can be trying, but we will get through them. Here are a few ideas on how you can help yourself and your child through these moments.

Stay calm, get creative, and always remember that this too is a phase!

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