Creative Lunch Ideas

Children have an amazing sense of wonder. They find amusement in the little things. It is important to encourage this and nurture creative growth. Next time you are making lunch, packing a picnic, or dining at home, try one of these easy and creative ideas that are sure to be a crowd pleaser.

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Monster Sammies:

Using scissors, cut your child’s favorite sandwich ingredients in shapes to make a fun monster sandwich. Roll up the lunch meat to form a tongue and add a couple olives for eyeballs!

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Cookie Cutter Lunches:

Use any cookie cutter you have around the house to make cute and creative sandwiches. You can even cut fruits or vegetables in shapes to go with a theme or a holiday.

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Butterfly Lunch Bags:

Make a simple cheese and cracker snack in to an adorable butterfly using items found around the house. Place a couple googly eyes and a pipe cleaner on a clothespin and clip it through the middle for a fun butterfly your children will love.

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Animal Face Toast:

Using your favorite spread and fruits, make these adorable animal faces for an exciting breakfast, or lunchtime, surprise.

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Lion Face Spaghetti:

Using spaghetti for the mane, cheese for the face, raisin eyes, and a strawberry nose, you can create this fierce lion any child will enjoy!

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