Computer Readiness for the Preschool Child

Now more than ever, we know that screen time and the use of technology is applicable to young children in both their entertainment and education. We also know that it is best to strike a balance between screen time, physical activity and social interactions. Parents and educators can work together to ensure that the technology and screens that young children are exposed to is beneficial to their growth and development.

To foster the growth of computer readiness and early digital citizenship skills, AppleTree & Gilden Woods is proud to offer Keyboarding Without Tears™. This program is a part of the award winning Learning Without Tears™ Curriculum and will be utilized during our weekly Tech Time with Terance enrichment program. Our 4 year old and Young 5’s classrooms will participate in Keyboarding Without Tears™ which aligns with the hands-on learning materials they are currently utilizing from the Get Set For School™ curriculum.

The curriculum and enrichment programs offered at AppleTree & Gilden Woods is designed to encourage a journey of life long success!

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