Child-friendly Kitchen Gadgets

Meal time is a wonderful way to spend quality bonding time with your children. Invite your children to help with age appropriate tasks in the kitchen the next time you are preparing a meal. Below are fun kitchen gadgets that can help bring some silliness into the kitchen and promote playfulness and use of the imagination. Always use your best judgment when allowing your children to help in the kitchen and make sure that the utensils used are age appropriate.

Try these family shaped baking tools and play dolls all while preparing a delicious meal with your children.

These colorful fish shaped measuring cups are sure to bring a smile to your young chef’s face.

This dinosaur pasta scoop is perfect for the budding paleontologist in your family.

This monkey riding a unicycle makes the perfect pizza cutter.

These bear paw oven mits will be more for the adult but are sure to get a giggle from your children!

Let your child help set the time and practice numbers by using this adorable pig timer.

Keep the fun in cookie baking with this adorable dancing pigs rolling pin.

Turn breakfast into story time with these different shaped molds for fried eggs!

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