Age Appropriate Chores for Children

I am the proud parent of an adorable, sassy, independent 3-year-old who wants to be involved in everything I do… absolutely everything. As adorable and endearing as it can be when he wants to help clean the windows, or crack the eggs for breakfast, his helping can sometimes be counterproductive. Through trial and error, I have found that giving him his own chore chart is a great way to keep him engaged, and to stay (mostly) on task myself.

Developing a chore chart for children helps teach responsibility, helpfulness, and routine among many other beneficial skills. It is important, when beginning a chore schedule, to be sure that you consider the age and capability of your child. To avoid possible frustrations for both you and your child, be sure to talk about each chore in depth and set realistic expectations as far as time to complete and the quality of the job.

Below are some suggested chores for different age groups!



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