A Guide to Spring Cleaning with Kids

Monday, March 20th marks the first day of spring! For many that brings a reminder that it’s time to do some spring cleaning. Including your child in age appropriate cleaning tasks is an important part of their growth and development.

When children participate in household cleaning they are learning skills that they will use throughout their lives. Children often feel pride when they complete a chore that was assigned to them and in turn they learn to appreciate and responsibly care for their belongings. Participating in cleaning also reminds children that they are an important part of the family unit and that their contribution to the household is valued.

Here is a guide that provides some age appropriate cleaning responsibilities:

Children ages 2-3 years:

  • Put toys away
  • Dress themselves
  • Pass out napkins
  • Put placemats away

Children ages 4-5 years:

  • Sort and put away clean silverware
  • Carry dirty laundry to the laundry room
  • Bring in the mail
  • Wipe up spills

Children ages 6-7 years:

  • Help feed pets
  • Make their bed
  • Put their clean laundry away
  • Set the table

Children ages 8-9 years:

  • Unload clean dishes from the dishwasher
  • Help fold clean laundry
  • Wipe down tables and counters
  • Dust a room

Children ages 10-12 years:

  • Load dirty dishes into the dishwasher
  • Vacuum a room
  • Change the bed sheets
  • Walk the dog

Happy spring cleaning!

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