A Fresh Take on Your Child’s Favorite Book

Are you looking for a fresh take on your child’s favorite book? How about trying a story extension? Story extensions are activities based on a book’s theme or ideas that relate to other areas of development. For example, if your child loves reading “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle you could try these ideas:

Story Extension: Science

Stephanie at Somewhat Simple shows us how to use pasta and other materials to make a butterfly life cycle craft!

Story Extension: Math

Stephanie at Parenting Chaos shows us a quick and simple color sorting activity.

Story Extension: Art

Chelsey at Buddy and Buddy walks you through the steps to make your very own hungry caterpillar craft with sponges and paints!

Story Extension: Cooking

Katie from A Little Pinch of Perfect shows us how to make delicious fruit pizza cookies using fruit inspired from the story!

Click here for a list of book recommendations and then you can search Pinterest for ideas on story extension activities!

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