5 Tips and Tricks for Picky Eaters

“Each April, Michigan celebrates Month of the Young Child® (MOYC®). This is a time when communities and individuals recognize the needs and rights
of young children and their families.” ~ Michigan Association for the Education of Young Children.  

Month of the Young Child® is divided into four focus weeks:

  • Week 1- April 1-8: Physical Development
  • Week 2- April 9-15: Social Development
  • Week 3- April 16-22: Emotional Development
  • Week 4- April 23-30: Cognitive Development

In honor of Week 1, focusing on Physical Development, we wanted to provide 5 tips and tricks for getting your child to eat more fruits and vegetables.

It’s no secret that fruits and vegetables are an essential part of a healthy diet. They are packed with important nutrients and minerals that can help reduce the risk of chronic disease. But what can you do if your child refuses to eat them? Here are 5 tips and tricks for helping your picky eater get more fruits and veggies in their diet:

  1. Let them choose– include your child in the shopping experience and let them determine which fruits or vegetables they would like to try. Letting children participate in the process makes it more exciting for them.
  2. Mix it up– offer fruits or vegetables in a variety of forms and textures. For example, try diced, thinly sliced, dried, canned, or frozen (in a smoothie!).
  3. Add a dip– serve fruits and veggies with a dipping sauce such as hummus, salsa, yogurt, or dressing.
  4. Eat together– set the example and model good eating habits when you eat together with your child.
  5. Have a “no thank you bite” – this encourages children to try a bite, but allows them to stop eating that food if they don’t like it.  Then, try again another day. Children need to be exposed to a new food 8-10 times before they will learn to enjoy it.

Don’t forget to make it fun and praise your child for trying new foods! Creating healthy habits should be a positive experience for you and your child.


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