5 Creative Ways to Make Bath Time Fun

Bath time can be a struggle. Whether you have a brand new baby, a rambunctious toddler, or a curious preschooler at home, a number of challenges can arise when it comes to bath time. Your child may know that this signifies bedtime and not be ready to wind down. They want to play one more game. They need a snack. Now their thirsty. Maybe your child just really does not like water. Whatever the cause may be, as a parent, we all know that sometimes it can be difficult. Even if you are one of the lucky ones with a child who loves a good bath, these tips are for you as well.

Bath time can be a great bonding time for you and your child and it can lend itself great learning moments. Here are five creative ways to make bath time fun for your children, and to capitalize on the little moments that make the best memories:

1. Spray Paint Bubble Bath: All you need is some food coloring, a few spray bottles, and some bubble bath. Add some warm water and just a drop or two of food coloring to the bottles. Shake well. Food coloring is completely safe but may seem like a messy option. Adding it to warm water will dilute it enough to avoid staining. Run the bath and add a healthy amount of bubble bath for optimum fun. Let your little one spray the bubbles and paint them all different colors. They can swish the bubbles and water around for a beautiful moving piece of art. The little ones will love this fun and easy bath time activity.

2. Glow Bath: For a fun sensory experience, turn off the lights, and let those bubbles glow! For younger children, add a bunch of glow sticks to the bath and turn off the lights. Check your glow sticks before adding them to the bath to ensure there are not any holes. We do not want the contents to leak into their bath. This is a simple yet effective way to make bath time a little different and a lot exciting. For your older children, make glow paint. For glow paint, all you need is washable fluorescent paint that you can find at any craft store, and shaving cream. Mix the two ingredients together and let your child’s creativity emerge. With shaving cream, it is important to be careful of sensitive skin. You may benefit from testing it on a small area of your child’s hand first before submerging them in the bath with it.

3. Ice Fishing: An ice-fishing bath is easy and fun for your child and can be altered to accommodate different developmental benchmarks and ages. To make your ice-fishing bath, all you need is to freeze some bath toys in a small container. Once you place the ice in the water, the objects will slowly emerge. This is where you can cater this activity to your child’s needs and likes. One idea is to add bath letters that spell out fish, for a fun word scramble. An ice-fishing bath is fun for all ages and is an exciting twist to bath time.

4. Pool Noodle Play: This activity is so simple and so fun. Cut up pieces of a pool noodle for a terrific water sensory activity. It is important to find the easy, fun way, when it comes to engaging and teaching your children. This activity is quick and easy to set up. It allows your child time to explore water, patterns, and color. Children love exploring things that float. You can even add things that do not float to push through the noodles. The variations and possibilities are endless with this stress free activity.

5. Themed Bath Night: Adding a theme to bath night is a simple and fun way to spice up bath time. Use objects that you have around the house; you could even let your child pick the theme or help pick out the toys. Add the toys to the bath and let their imaginations go. Letting your child play with toys in the bath that are not always bath toys will add an element of excitement to the activity. The possibilities are endless with this one: Color Night, Dinosaur Extravaganza, Pool Party, Car Wash, “Food” Fight… the list could go on.

You are now prepared to bring a little joy and a lot of fun to bath night!!

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