4 Books to Help Teach Children Forgiveness

Every month at AppleTree & Gilden Woods, we bring focus to important positive character traits through our C.O.R.E. Character Education Program. For the month of April, the C.O.R.E. character trait is forgiveness. Teaching forgiveness is integral to children developing empathy toward others and the overall development of emotional intelligence. Teaching your child to forgive is an essential tool in life that will help smooth the transition from childhood to adolescence. Holding onto and internalizing anger and resentment is a stepping stone to anxiety and depression for both children and adults. The earlier forgiveness is taught, the earlier you are able to prevent children from taking on the role of the victim, which in turn helps offset some of the feelings of anxiety and depression. You play an important role in teaching your children the value of forgiveness and how to cherish true friendships.

Listed below are four books to help teach children about forgiveness.

The Forgiving Tree by: Jan and Mike Berenstain

When Cousin Fred accidentally damages Brother’s brand-new bike, Brother Bear is angry. Can Sister Bear help him see that forgiving his friend is the right thing to do?

Forgive and Let go! A book about forgiveness by: Cheri J Meiners

For young children, learning to forgive—when they’ve been let down or had their feelings hurt—can take time. Help children develop their forgiveness skills and learn how to accept an apology and move on without holding grudges. At the same time, encourage children to let go of disappointment and to accept when things don’t go the way they hope. This book includes advice for teaching forgiveness at home, at school, and in childcare.

Talk and Work It Out by: Cheri J Meiners

What’s the best way to solve problems between people? By talking them over and working them out. It’s never too soon for children to learn the process of peaceful conflict resolution. This book distills it into clear, simple language and supporting illustrations. Children learn to calm themselves, state the problem, listen, think of solutions, try one, evaluate results, and even agree to disagree when a solution isn’t possible. Includes skill-building games and role plays for adults to use with children.

Friends Through Sand and Stone by: A.M. Marcus

This inspiring fable tells the story of two friends, Rabbit and Monkey, who have a tradition of embarking on a different adventure every year. This year, they both decide to set off on a rather challenging adventure, even more challenging than their last. They both agreed that they will take a journey through the desert to the amazing oasis. However, on their way, they experience some difficulties that puts their friendship to the test. Join the friends on their trek through the desert to the amazing oasis and discover the true meaning of friendship and the value of forgiveness along the way.

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