10 Non-Candy Valentine’s Your Children Will Love

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Which means, classroom parties and the great Valentine Exchange of 2018! This year keep it healthy and fresh with these 10 creative Valentine Ideas that you and your children can enjoy creating together. The best part about exchanging Valentines are the catchy phrases on all the cards. Along with each creative Valentine idea are a few “pun” suggestions to keep it fun and silly for your children and their friends. Whether they are helping pick out supplies at the dollar store, coloring the cards, or stuffing bags, they will love to help create something special to hand out to all of their friends. Before handing out a toy or a gift always be sure to check the product for the manufacturer’s appropriate age rating.

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  1. Crazy Straws: A cheap and cute option. Attach a crazy straw to a card, hand written, printed, or custom colored by your child. Helpful Pun: “Crazy for you Valentine”
  2. Bubbles: Bubbles are fun for all ages. Helpful pun: “You blow me away, Valentine”
  3. Art Supplies: Purchase a small box of crayons, markers, or watercolors. You can even make your own heart shaped crayons by baking broken crayons in a mold. Helpful pun: “Have a colorful day.” “You brighten my day.”
  4. Plastic Animals: You could do different animals, like zoo animals, dinosaurs, or bugs and attach them with string to an index card with a note, or place in a cellophane bag. Helpful puns: “Will ZOO be mine?” “You’re DINO-mite, Valentine!” “Bugs and Kisses!”
  5. Book Marks: Reading is an important part of childhood development. What better than a bookmark to help promote learning? You can purchase some cardstock so they are a little sturdier and have your children help color them. There is always the option to find a printable template online as well. Helpful pun: “You’re #1 in my book”
  6. Hot Wheels: You can find a pack of hot wheel cars and attach a cute saying. Boys and girls alike will enjoy racing them around the room. Helpful pun: “I wheelie like you”
  7. Socks: Purchase a pack of socks and pair them together with a clothespin or in a small bag. If you really want to get creative, you and your children could tie-dye the socks for a fun activity that will add extra personality to the socks. Helpful puns: “You rock my socks off.” “We’re the perfect pair.”
  8. Slime: Slime is such a hit with preschool and school aged children. They love making it and playing with it for hours. For this one, you can purchase small containers with lids to make one of a kind Valentines that the children are sure to love. You can make it valentine slime by adding pink and red glitter or small confetti hearts. Helpful pun: “Happy Valen-SLIME Day.”
  9. Fake Mustaches: This is sure to be a hit. Fake mustaches typically come in packs of five or six and they are on cardboard. Cut them out and attach a fun saying. Helpful pun: “I MUSTACHE you to be mine.”
  10. Gold Fish Crackers: You can find individual packs of goldfish crackers at most local grocers. Make a small fishing pole out of toothpicks and yarn for an extra touch. Helpful puns: “Fishing you a happy Valentine’s Day!”

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Valentine’s Day is about spreading kindness and joy. Including your children in the gift giving process gives them ownership and pride when doing something kind for someone else. Have a great Valentine’s Day!


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